The Woodard Group

Remember we are back to meeting at 5:00pm! (June 30th)
We had RECORD Attendence at the conference this year!
Louise, Tina, Stephanie and Karen attended!
The Bahamas for a conference location is tough to beat!
I wont bore you but if you ask… I will tell you how awesome the conference was.. Next year we are back to Disney World on June 4-7 and will take over the entire Coronodo Springs Resort! The ProAdvisor Family of friends has truly grown and are so supportive of others! The conference was not free, but these meetings are! If you are interested in checking it out or seeing pictures of the prior conferences… here is the Scaling New Heights link, if you are wary of clicking through, go to website and choose events.
This meeting is about Transaction Pro Importer and how you can use this VALUABLE App in both the desktop and the online versions, A recap of the conference, and YOUR Business needs.
The meetings are open to all who wish to learn. Membership is optional. Please join us!
Share your current challenges among your peers, where SOLUTIONS are found, business is passed, practice development is discussed, and Money is made.
Refreshments served… so please RSVP.. ( My husband loves left overs but salad doesn’t really keep! Pizza is good cold!)