Hello friends!


It’s been a while since we’ve had a blog. A LONG while. A lot has happened in that time-frame.

Let’s catch you up. Here’s what we’ve been up to since the last time we had a blog:


  1. We got a new website.
  2. “We” added a new employee (Casey Shipman).
  3. We added four new members to our family (babies/grandbabies for Karen).
  4. We re-branded from The Certified QB Group to The Solutionary Collective, and got a cool new look.
  5. Casey and family moved from Fort Collins, CO to El Dorado Hills, California.
  6. We (everyone) entered the world of quarantine because of the COVID-19 global pandemic.

Now that you’re all caught up: we’re back! Our goal is to become your resource for QuickBooks knowledge and you can expect from us: smart, bite-sized content to turbo-charge your knowledge of QuickBooks, accounting, and software solutions. We aim to educate you on your software to better help yourself, and to inspire you to reach your business goals. We believe that an educated community is an empowered community.

We’re always looking for feedback on what you’ll find useful and helpful in your business to get you to that next level. Grab your spot at the table now, and join our e-mail community in the form below for even more valuable content.